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Lynette Daudt

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Lynette has a Master’s of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine and 22 years working with patients in the clinic. She’s new to the research world, but her passionate interest in all things related to changing the human experience from one of pain to one of health, vitality, energy, and joy makes her a curious detective. 

Thus far Lynette has been able to bring her expertise with patient care and management to our research for projects focusing on depression, anxiety, diabetes and menopause. At Rathbone Falvey, her skills have been put to work in the travel industry, as well as the management software industry. 

Her background in eastern medical theory brings a balance in perspective to the table. Lynette loves discovering innovative research and reviewing the many cutting-edge apps and devices pouring into the modern healthcare field. Lynette has adventured to the Tibetan-side base camp of Mount Everest and trekked for 7 days on horseback in Mongolia for a shamanic ceremony with the Mother Shaman.

Lynette’s recent projects include: 

  • Destination specific travel industry market research
  • Social media copy editing, graphic design and posting for a software management company
  • Human needs & innovation research for a global pharmaceutical company
  • Neighbor opinions research for a local non-profit

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Lynette Daudt

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